DAANUTSAV- “Celebration Matters To Cater”

We sleep in a world that teaches us to “maximise returns on everything”. Yet, study once psychological study shows that humans are innately designed to be altruistic, and to worry for others. We tend to believe that compassion is one amongst the best virtues for humanity to try towards.

A simple, unconditional act of giving – offer a sandwich to somebody, who is  hungry or providing toys to a young child, creates a spark of joy for the giver. Experiencing this joy motivates individuals to grant a lot of Interaction with those benefited from our giving, creates larger fellow-feeling and moves us towards a lot of engaged and committed giving. Whereas one might begin by giving supported one’s own beliefs, larger interaction helps people to realise what really matters to the opposite person, and helps us tailor our giving. Eventually, the thrill comes from the amendment within the other’s life that one is ready to contribute to.

DaanUtsav hopes to “celebrate” this journey for everybody. It avoids judgement, however uses encouragement to assist people to move from the trail of non-giving to giving, to engaged and empathic giving. We tend to believe that the thrill practised by the giver can inspire them towards this path.

For individuals, who are consistent givers, or engaged givers, this is often an excellent chance to “connect” with unanimous people, and to celebrate the thrill that all of them expertise, together.


Published by:

The Hope Foundation

The Hope Foundation is an Irish international organization working for the underprivileged disadvantaged section of the society. The primary purpose of The Hope Foundation is in raising efforts for improving the quality life of the underprivileged section of society. The organization doesn’t impose any solution on the community people rather it works closely with the target groups to strengthen their capacity. The organization works with different grass root level organizations, which are our local partners. Mission: Holistic care and development of severely underprivileged section of the society in order to ensure their rights. Vision: Improving the quality of life of the underprivileged vulnerable population. For more details visit: www.hopefoundation.ie (Ireland) www.hope-foundation.in (India) www.thehopefoundation.org.uk (UK) www.hopefoundation.de (Germany)

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